99% of our referrals come from our happy and successful clients.
Below is a testament of real people we have helped.

"In 2004, an accident herniated discs in my lower back which created chronic pain, balance issues, eventual weight gain, and depression. Over the years since the accident I have seen numerous doctors, tried numerous plans and programs but never obtained desired results. I always returned to a lack of motivation and subsequent inactivity. 

Two months ago, I was referred to a talented Acupuncture doctor who then referred me to Rehab Lab. This combination has made a remarkably positive change in me. My attitude, emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being have improved and continue to do so for the first time in years. Their positive perspective is contagious."

Barbara P.

Retired Educator

"Personal Training at Rehab Lab has been a very rewarding experience! Progress and results are closely and meticulously monitored throughout the entire process. The studio and staff are fantastic and very hands-on with their approach.

Personal Training here has been much different than training at your standard gym. The training takes place at a cutting edge studio and the experience is highly personalized. The workouts are challenging and since they are created to meet my exact needs, they are extremely effective."

Clay V.


"Earlier this year, I had neck and shoulder pains that were causing me a great deal of discomfort during the day and impairing my sleep at night. Fortunately, my Doctor recommended physical therapy and I found my way to Rehab Lab. Over the years, I have had many other sessions with physical therapists that incorporated heat treatments, ice packs, and electrical stimulation, and of course some massage therapy.

I was very surprised when the staff at Rehab Lab explained that they did not rely on those things at all. Instead, they devote a great deal of time to working on the different muscle groups and correcting years of bad muscle memory through therapeutic, hands-on stretching and soft tissue techniques. In just a few treatments, I felt a lot better; and, I now understand the concepts behind the treatment that enable me to be pain-free and active. Rehab Lab always took the time to explain their approach and why it simply makes sense. If I ever do have another problem, I will immediately call Rehab Lab to fix me back up as quickly as possible!"

Robert T.


"I have always been active, doing step aerobics, walking 3 miles a day, raising 3 boys (now men), yoga for 12 years, and Pilates for about 2 years. However, I always had issues with my back and as time went on, it was continuing to get worse, I came to the point where I could hardly walk without pain and this was not acceptable to me. One of my close friends recommended Rehab Lab because they got her totally pain-free.

Rehab Lab has helped me tremendously in a couple months. They began with therapeutic stretching and have now transitioned me to Pilates on the Reformer. What I love about the staff is that they are truly caring physical therapists that challenges me to my limits, safely! I am so impressed at how far I have come and how much better I feel in every way."

Christine B.

Retired Business Owner

Anthony R.

Physical Therapy Student

"On August 5, 2013, I was in a car crash where I suffered a traumatic head injury that sent me into a coma for 16 days. I’ve had to endure severe back pain for nearly three years, as the impact aggravated a previous injury I had. I couldn’t sit in any chair that didn’t have proper back support, reach forward, or even drive for too long without experiencing excruciating discomfort. Through that experience, I’ve managed to perform everyday activities with some pain, but through very limited body movements. The same friend that was the driver on the day of the car accident was the one who recommended that I work with the therapists from Rehab Lab.

Naturally, I had some concerns about starting rehabilitation again since I have already been to other clinics that only helped temporarily. But since the very first day, their assessment revealed that the source of my back pain stemmed from different muscles which I thought! Though their methods seemed unorthodox at first, I bought into it 100%. In ONLY 12 sessions, my back pain was virtually eliminated completely! Yes, in JUST 12 sessions, they helped me accomplish something other therapists failed to do for nearly THREE YEARS! I never imagined that I would be able to reach so far that I could touch my toes again! The fact that I could sit on any chair, without my handy lumbar roll, is amazing to me. As I type this, I’m sitting on an office chair I never thought that I would be able to sit on again. The pain used to be so bad I couldn’t sit on this chair even with my lumbar roll!

Needless to say, I would definitely recommend them to anyone wanting to live PAIN-FREE!"